Advent’s IT capacity services ensure provisioning of skilled IT professionals on an ongoing basis to supplement existing client teams. We can provide a rich mix of offshore skills as desired, thereby creating cost efficiency and flexibility.

Services_imageGlobal competition for Valued Customers and Talented employees will be the biggest issue facing Organizations in the coming years. Skilled worker poolwith talent in emerging technologies is dwindling and it will increase the importance of People as a source of competitive advantage in the Human Resources market.

Corporations worldwide need to drive these Factors and we can assist them in the same

  • Manage the uncertainty of growth.
  • Minimize growing pains around Staffing.
  • Decrease employment costs.
  • Reduce risk of Bad Hires and resultant Legal Costs.

services2At Advent, we draw from our large network of talent to deploy top-tier Project managers, Professional Consultants, Technical Experts and Industry Specialists to quickly meet Client’s project’s resourcing requirements.

We offer Project based Resourcing Model where we can cater to Client’s requirement to augment their in-house personnel with experienced and skilled talent pool. Project based resourcing model will be suitable for specific initiatives and niche Consultant requirements.

In today’s competitive global marketplace, we understand that retaining in-house talent is not always economical. With project based resourcing, we provide our clients with top contract, contract-to-hire, consultant and project manager resourcing on a project-by-project basis.

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